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 How to structure a full flash actionscript 3 web site tutorial CS3 + CS4 - Part 4

Part 4 - Learn how to structure your Flash AS3 full website. Learn how to place other flash files into yours. Learn better organization for your Flash menu systems and Flash page structure. Complete with preloader load bar and text to allow you to place lots of images or whatever you want into the file and give your site visitors an indication of your sites load progress.

From Part 3 (he says this is part 3 in this video, but it is part 4)

Option:  Instead of using the Buttons, you could use the Drop Down Menu instead.  Same input because both are a movie clip.  Just download the Drop Down file from the website.

We're on the SERVICES movie click

1.  On the PAGE CONTENT layer, select the next frame by left clicking with your mouse button - which would be Frame #31.

2.  Press F6 to insert a keyframe

3.  Go into the library and find the About Page and Duplicate it and (you have to click inside of it.  Click on the text until it changes to a text box that will allow you to change the text) call it VIDEOS.  Press OK

4.  Click into frame #40 and press F6 to create the motion tween.

5.  click back on the first keyframe within the VIDEO and then click on the text.  Go to the properties panel below, select color, ALPHA and set the alpha to zero.

6.  Insert a label above it on the labels layer.

Press F5 in the first frame.Click frame 40 and then press F5 again and type the name VIDEO in the label field below.

7.  In the ACTIONS layer click on frame 40 and press F6 to add a keyframe and then F9 to bring up actions.  Then type stop(); in the actions area.


8.  Select the next frame on the PAGE CONTENT layers which would be Frame #41, press F6 to add a keyframe.

9.  Go into the library and find the About Us and Duplicate it and name it CONTACT US.

10.  Click on the word until you see the text box and then change the text to say CONTACT US.

11.  Click on frame #50 and click F6 to make a keyframe, motion tween.

12.  Select the first keyframe Frame #40 and Click on the Select Tool and then click on the text until the properties box below shows up and select COLOR and change the ALPHA to 0


13.  On the labels layer, select Frame #40 and click F6 to add a frame.  Then select Frame #50 and click F6 again and type in the label name in the label properties below.


14.  On the actions layer, select frame #50 and click F6 then F9 to open the Actions Panel and type stop();  X out

NOTE:  Also keep in mind that MP3 players can be laid in here.  They can be played while people are perusing your site.  They can be placed in the background layer.  In the very first frame timeline.  Where your background and button menu movie clip is and your logo and header and you can put it in the header. 

You can go to our tutorial for full screen flash site and put the full screen button right there and make your site full screen.

Now lets go back into the pages movie clip and finish up.

12.  Videos page is set up with label and stop action.  Time 3:05.

Video playlist player tutorial. at develop php

13.  Open the video playlist (after downloading the zip file and extracting all files and opening the fla in flash)

14.  Highlight everything on the page itself.  I use the select arrow and drag a box around everything.  WHOLE GALLERY layer.  Press Contol-C to copy and then go into the new site and.

15.  Go into the new site on the VIDEO page and select the first keyframe in the video section and press Control- to paste.

16.  Position the video box.

NOTE:  The author is showing an example of how you can put anything you want onto these pages by simply adding the movie clips.  Scrollers, movie players, MP3 players, image galleries, contact forms.

He was just doing that to show an example.  For those who want to use it, go to the next tutorial and continue.


Check your alphas to make sure the fades all work.

Get rid of the frames at the end on the undefined background layer.


If you wanted your backgrounds to be different on each page you just make keyframes on the BACKGROUND layer and change the colors.  That way when it gets to that spot, it will turn the different color.

Double click out of that by doubleclicking on the blank space on the right.

That will bring you to the timeline which is the logo and header pages, button menu and background.


17.  Take the pages movie clip and give it an instance name.  ALLPAGES in the properties panel below.  No spaces and use lower case.

NOTE:  You must give it an instance name or you will not be able to use it in ActionScript.  Can talk to it and control it.

18.  Go inside the button menu by double clicking the movie clip.

He says go on to Part 4 but he means Part 5.

Go on to Part 5
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