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 Auto Photo Gallery With No Buttons in Adobe Flash

1.  No one clicks any button, the slides just flip.
2.  Set Intervals (actionscript)
3.  Every one second the photo is going to switch. (you chose the flip time)
4.  Go to the next frame.
5.  Make photos 400 X 350 pixels (just make your photos uniform size)

6.  Create new flash document and change the size 500 X 425 at 12 fps
7.  Change the background color to Dark Grey (down in Properties)
8.  Import Photos (Import - import to Library) or drag in from Adobe Bridge
9.  Create 3 new layers.
10.  Name one BUTTON
11.  Name one AS (Actionscript) put on top
12.  Name one IMAGES
13.  Name one SPOTLIGHT
14.  Drag out about 10 Frames (F6) 
15.  Each image is going to be Control K - align to horizontal and vertical
16.  Leave last image up for now and create restart button
17.  Create spotlight (grab the ellipse tool) set images to outline mode, lock layer, modify shape, soft and fill edges, distance of 50, expand, and 20 number of steps.
18.  Convert to movie clip symbol so we can reduce the alpha.  Set the alpha to 15.
19.  Lock spotlight layer.
20.  Drag button frame out to the frame after the last image frame.  We need three keyframes on for actions.... one a the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end.
21.  First thing we're going to tell our movie is to STOP. 
22.  Give our interval a name  timeInterval = setInterval(nextphoto, 1000); that equals one second.
23.  function nextphoto( ) {  See Actionscrpt code below for the rest .....
24.  Now create the button so that when the pictures are done flipping your viewer is not left hanging not knowing what to do.
25.  Create button that says RESTART with the text tool go down to properties and set to STATIC TEXT, Size 12, Bold, Align it to the center of stage.
26.  Select Txt, convert to a button
27.  With this text, we need to create a "hit area" that people can use to click the text.  Grab rectangle tool that covers the entire area plus some. 


stop ();
timeInterval = setInterval (nextphoto, 1000);
function nextphoto( ){
     nextFrame( );

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