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ActionScript 3.0 Linking and Using Buttons: Flash Tutorial!

In this video we will learn how to communicate with and use buttons in Flash CS3 using Actionscript 3.0. There have been some significant changes to the way flash deals with buttons etc... but this video will solve your problems! We will cover editing a symbol's alpha, navigating a time line, and linking to a URL or Website on the web via your flash button. Check out http://www.tutvid.com for more great videos!
ActionScript 3.0 and buttons.  We're going to use our buttons to change the way our buttons look on stage and we're going to set up our buttons to navigate to a different place on our timeline and we'll also figure out how to use buttons to link to a website within the website or on the web.

Actionscript 2.0 remember in order to apply some type of action to a button you have to select a button and type Actions into the actions panel ONRELEASE.

Publish settings can change ActionScript version.

When you select a button in CS3 using Actionscript 3.0 no longer can you apply actions.  So there must be an alternative way to get around this and apply an action to the button.

What we have to do is use the EVENT LISTENER - you attach it to a button or movie clip that you want to listen for something to happen.  We're going to listen for a Mouse Click and when it hears the mouse click it is going to execute a function.


All three are buttons
1.  We need to give them instance names.  Down in the properties box.
2.  R_btn, G_btn, B_btn

3.  Start with R_btn. Use actionscript to edit the properties of that button.  Select Actionscript layer and hit the first keyframe.  Hit


4.  Import the mouseevent events.

import falsh.events.MouseEvent;

//--- R Button Property Change ---\\

1st thing we need to do is set up our Event listener

R_btn addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, rClick);     ==== tell flash what kind of event listener.  It is a MouseEvent.CLICK then type a comma.  Now we need to type the name of the FUNCTION that we want to execute when our button hears a click.  That will be rClick that word can be anything you want it is the name of the function.

Now lets make the function

function rClick(event:MouseEvent)void;    ===== This is a MouseEvent  put void because it is not returning any data.
    R_btn alpha -=0.1;

You now have to edit alpha on a scale of 0.0 and 0.1 - What this is saying is that every time our button is clicked I want you to decrease the alpha by 10%.  I could write -=0.25 and that would be decreasing the alpha by a quarter each time. and if I wanted to take the alpha down by 100 I would just type 1

lets check our script and it contains no errors.






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