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Lesson 2 Adobe Dreamweaver - Step by Step
CSS Selectors

CSS allow us to define style rules for various elements in our page, all in one external file which can then be linked to the html or webpage.

Gives us more control and editing capability by editing only one file.

Open a style sheet -- CSS rule

CSS rule is identified by a selector and then there are properties from which you can choose a value.
You can use these style rules to target different elements on your page.

1.  Element, class and ID Selectors - There are three different selectors that allow you to do that:
2.  Descendent Selectors
3.  DIV (Box Model)

Hand Code or CSS Style Panels

Rule Definitions Dialog Box - is like a menu
Typically you would link your web page to a CSS file

Element Selector
Create a rule for a body element -

New CSS rule icon - pick TAG - dropdown and select an element - pick BODY
apply CSS within the document for this example only - typically you would like to an external document.

Apply background color.
Type - choose font
TIP:  It is always important to choose 100% for your font size in your BODY.  Then you can scale down from there as you design.

Class Selector
(this rule can be applied anywhere on the page)
Click on the NEW CSS RULE icon.
Pick the selector type CLASS
We're going to create a rule we can apply anywhere on our page.
For our class tag WE MUST USE A DECIMAL for the prefix.
We can name our class anything we want.  For this example we'll name it ".highlight"
It is IN our document - this rule is for highlighting certain types of text on our page.  So I'm going to choose a text style, italic and a blue color and click OK

Now you can see that in the CSS panel. Apply to a page element. (code view or split view)  Properties, drop down for style and select HIGHLIGHT.

ID Selector (only applied to one page element at a time)
ID Selectors are most often applied to DIV ELEMENTS.
The DIV is a page element but is also a block element which is primarily used to contain content within our page.  We can apply layout and style to each one specifically through use of our ID Selector.  So in this case, selected all content on the page and wrapped it in a DIV Element by going up to the toolbar, selecting INSERT DIV TAG and wrap it around my selection which is all the content on my page and I can choose CONTENT because I have already predefined an ID Selector called CONTENT with rules attached.  That is the white box with the dotted border.

Which lets you target elements more specifically.  If I wanted to define a rule for text within this paragraph, I put my cursor within the text (within a paragraph element) click on that and go to the NEW CSS RULE icon. (Dreamweaver helps by auto populating the name)  If we already had a CSS rule for paragraph elements in general throughout the webpage, this rule will now specifically override that by targeting paragraph elements WITHIN the CONTENT DIV TAG.

The DIV is a block element which follows the box model.  There are 5 spacing properties here, Width, Height, Padding, Border and Margin.  By default the Width will fill 100% of whatever parent element its in.   Padding is space that's created INWARD, inside the box, Borders size will also increase the Width and Height values of the box.  Margin values will create space away from other block elements.






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