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Want to convert files to DV AVI in order to work in Premier. 

1.  Open DVD2AVI (free download)


Go to the Video TS folder and select the first VOB file in the list.

Highlight the VOB files one at a time and click OPEN.

A window will pop up with the file in it.

 Click ADD.  Then go to the second and third VOB file in the list and add.  When you have added all the VOB files, then click OK.

Then look at the table on the right hand side.  You will see numbers running.  Wait until the numbers stop and then look in your folder for the .AVI file.  If you have your speakers on you'll hear a beep type sound and the lower area will say FINISHED.    

close the program and open Premier

Import files.

Codec MPEG 1

Can't get the sound to work.  But you can see in the graphic above that there is Audio recorded.



The video_ts.vob contains the video and audio data
...........A standard DVD has just two folders:

  • Audio_TS

  • Video_TS

  • The Audio_TS was a mistake, and is almost always empty.  Some say it must be there, but that is probably untrue.  The Video_TS folder stores all the files needed for the movie.  

    Both video and audio streams are combined into VOB (Video Object) files, which are in the Video_TS folder.  The other two files are IFO (InFormation Objects) and BUP (BackUP).  BUPís are simply backups of the IFO files (no idea why backups are needed).  For every IFO file, there is a BUP file. ..............
    *** This is a great link:  Click for more info.  SOURCE:  http://www.infocellar.com/DVD/contents.htm



    Try DVDx - Tried this program and it didn't work well at all.  Too confusing to use and then the end product was bad.
    C:\Program Files\DVDx\Guide.htm

    convert files using Virtual-Dub  http://www.virtualdub.org/
    HuffYUV codec which is a Freeware Lossless codec  http://neuron2.net/www.math.berkeley.edu/benrg/huffyuv.html

    Use a third-party application (such as VirtualDub, DVD2AVI, or Mpeg2AVI) to convert the MPEG files from Solution 1 to Microsoft DV AVI, and then import the DV AVI files into Premiere.

    Campus ProCoder 2

    1.  With some codecs, you need to manually install them.
    2.  Converting files using codecs lowers the quality of the video unless you use HuffYUV.  Using this codec will produce HUGE files, but quality will not be lost. CRASHES WITH PREMIER.
    xvid codec - 
    divx codec - 

    How to install a codec.
    To install them, copy them to the Windows' System Directory and run 'regsvr32.exe mycodec.ax' or call the 'DllRegisterServer()' entry point.







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