Nonlinear Video Editing

Nonlinear Video Editing

Some programs used in video editing:

1.  Final Cut Pro (becoming the industry standard)(Apple)
2.  Avid (industry standard)
3.  Premiere Pro (professional, but not considered industry standard) (Adobe)
4.  Media Cleaner
5.  Quicktime Pro (Apple)
6.  After Effects (Adobe)

Free stuff for video editors


My notes on nonlinear editing with Premier Pro CS3
Converting VOB files to an editable format VOB to AVI Converter
My notes on Video Cameras
So far, the most recommended camera for pre- adobe premier editing is to shoot with a DVX100B by Panasonic – $2,624.10
All about CODECs

Video Tutorials by Lynda – Premier Pro (some don’t work) – After Effects, Audition, Encore, Photoshop and Premier Pro advice and tips.

Adobe Premier Pro Tutorials –

Pazera Free MOV to AVI converter (Got audio and video with codecs WMV version 1 (WMP7) and version 2 (WMP8) and Motion JPEG.  Download HERE

Any Video Converter – freeware video converter.

Make Better Video for YouTube – VideoMake Magazine

Coverter to Flash = V2F program

Common Editing Errors:
screen direction
jump shot
repeating the action
lagging lull

Televisions Quality Video
Frames = 29.97
Video Format for Editing = AVI
Audio Format for Editing = WAV (you always want to edit audio in WAV not MP3)

Pixel Aspect Ratio Standard = 4:3
Pixel Aspect Ratio Wide Screen = 16:9

Standard Televisions Size – 640 X 482
Stanard YouTube 640X480

High Definition:

Resolution = 1920 X 1080     2,073,600 total pixels

Aspect Ratio:  16: 9 (commonly referred to as Widescreen)

Provides over 6 times more detail than standard video

Film shot at 24 fps – a slower frame rate than video.

HD 24 Psf

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