Improving SEO Internet Marketing

Improving SEO Internet Marketing

Improving SEO Internet Marketing is dedicated to providing free resources for analyzing your website statistics.  There may be some paid services included in the information.  When there is, we will try to make a note that the service is paid.  Learn Search Engine Optimization.


Analyzing Keywords

Site Map Generator

Services that cost money but are recommended by some experts:


  1.  Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools –

Google Website Verification step-by-step tutorial

1. Get a gmail account.
2. Verify email account.
3. Click on Google Search Console
4. Click the Recommended method tab
5. Click on Download this HTML verification file.
6. Open an FTP program and click into the public_html folder.
7. Drag the google file into the folder.
8. click verify
Then you will see a green check that indicates you have been verified.




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