social networking software

I’m looking for a great social networking software to run. So, here is a list.

Dolphin Release Date : 18-04-2019
pH7CMS Release Date : 27-09-2020
Jcow Release Date : 02-04-2019
Elgg Release Date : 18-12-2020
Open Source Social Network 13-11-2020
Etano Release Date : 10-11-2020
HumHub I like this one a lot. However, the pro version makes you pay by person. So,
I’m not liking that. If I want to expand to the pro version, I’ll be paying forever
if I actually want to be serious. Also, not really sure what the pro version actually gives you.
Release Date : 21-01-2021
PeoplePods old 2011
UNA Release Date : 11-02-2021
Family Connections old 2017
GNU Social Release Date : 22-06-2019
Hubzilla Release Date : 13-02-2021

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